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We are Specialised
Psychometric Assessments

Unlock the potential within

Psychometric assessments are an invaluable tool to understand potential candidates strengths, weaknesses, and to help unlock their true potential. 

The assessments we offer provide unrivaled accuracy and insight, empowering you to make better decisions when hiring.  

Our Tests

The personality test will help you understand individuals’ character traits and preferred behavioral styles in professional life. Based on the Big Five, you get insight into how the person interacts with others, how they organise themselves and attack problems, and how they handle emotions and situations at work.

For example, someone who is high in openness may be more likely to take risks and try new things, while someone who is high in conscientiousness may be more likely to follow rules and procedures.

The cognitive proficiency tests measure verbal, numerical and logical capacity and can be used together or separately depending on what is most important for the role. They can be used regardless of the position and previous experience. The tests are adaptive and adapt in real time to the individual’s capacity.


An aptitude test gives all persons the same opportunity to demonstrate their ability or potential regardless of previous work experience or level of education. It is therefore also appropriate tests to identify talents or in trainee programs.

A motivation test maps what motivates an individual and is a powerful tool for working with, for example, the development of people and groups, coaching, and cultural and value work.


While personality tests map how an individual behaves in different situations, the motivation test shows why and what values and driving forces lie behind. The test gives you concrete actions on how you can work with commitment and create motivation based on the individual’s clearest motivators, trigger points.

Interested in finding out more about Psychometric Testing? Reach out to us at info@intelligentemployment.com

Accredited and Certified

The test we provide is research-based and the tests are at the absolute forefront in terms of quality, validity, and reliability. Tests used are quality checked by BPS, the British Psychological Society which corresponds to DNV in the UK, where our tests are developed.


All our recruiters have been certified on the platform to make a qualified analysis and presentation of the candidate’s test results.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do the assessments evaluate?

Our assessments evaluate personality traits, cognitive abilities, and job-related skills. Tests can be ‘blended’. Assessment types can be mixed together to analyse the individual taking it in different ways.

Are the results confidential?

Yes, we take data privacy and confidentiality seriously. Only authorized personnel will have access to the results.

How long do the assessments take? 

The assessments typically take around 30-45 minutes to complete.

Can we customise the tests?

The tests we use are what’s known as ‘adaptive.’ This means they automatically adapt to fit the ability of the person taking the test.
If the candidate gets a question right, a more complex problem will follow; if they get one wrong, the next question will be slightly easier.

The benefit of this for employers is that it ensures candidates are working at their maximum performance level. This in turn allows a more nuanced assessment from an employer’s point of view.

On what devices can I conduct your assessments?

Our tests are designed to be completed on both mobile and tablet devices, as well as computers. Use the device you feel most comfortable with.

Are there practise papers?

Before you start our assessment, whether it is an ability assessment or a personality questionnaire, you will receive one or more sample questions. This is to give you a good understanding of the layout and format of what is to come. There will be a detailed description of the assessment along with the sample questions. Find out more about preparing for a test here.