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Employer branding is more important, varied, and critical than you might initially think. But what is employer branding, really?

Think of it as your company's identity, wearing a magnetic aura that employees and potential hires gravitate towards. It's your subtle handshake, making an influential first impression. Let go of your misconceptions. Get ready for a - dare we say it - deep dive into the real power of employer branding and why it's the foundation for the successful growth of your organisation. Strategic and specialised recruitment requires discretion and subtly.



The Importance of Employer Branding: Why It Matters


Stellar employer branding attracts top talent like bees to honey.
Smart employer branding strategies can substantially cut down hiring costs.
An impressive employer brand grandly influences company reputation in the market.

Attracting Top Talent

Top talent seeks employers with strong branding, which attracts and retains industry leaders. A robust employer brand not only draws but also keeps employees satisfied, minimizing turnover.

Accelerating the Hiring Process

A strong employer brand speeds up hiring by attracting more applicants to job postings, allowing you to quickly and efficiently fill positions as your company stands out to proactive candidates.

Highlighting the Positive Aspects

Successful employer branding highlights your company's positive work environment, benefits, and growth opportunities, providing candidates compelling reasons to join and showcasing what they can expect as employees.

Enhancing Company Reputation

A company's reputation, shaped by its employer brand, influences employees, potential hires, consumers, investors, and the media, enhancing the overall perception and identity of the business.

Reducing Hiring Costs

A strong employer brand reduces recruitment costs and attracts top candidates who may accept lower salaries for the benefit of growth and a sense of purpose.

Cultivating Trust and Loyalty

Trust and loyalty, crucial for employee relationships, are fostered by a strong employer brand through consistency, respect, and value, enhancing your company's broader reputation and steering it towards success.

Employer branding isn't merely a fancy buzzword. It’s a powerful tool that can change the course of an enterprise. Steer it right to chart your journey towards success.

A strong employer brand

Can reduce cost-per-hire by 50%


A strong employer brand

Can reduce turnover by 28%.

A negative reputation can cost a company 10% more hire.

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Crafting Your Employer Branding Strategy:
A Step-by-Step Guide

Let your employees be your brand ambassadors. With these steps, you could bring your employer brand to the forefront and make your company an attractive choice for potential employees.


- Redirect the story of your brand into an EVP
- A consistent message is key to a strong brand presence
- Utilise social media to give your brand a wider reach

Step 1: Define Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

The heartbeat of every successful employer branding strategy is a compelling EVP. Your EVP works like your company’s mission statement, but projected toward potential and existing employees. It embodies the unique set of offerings, benefits, and experiences employees receive from your company, as well as, their significant contribution.

Unearthing your EVP
Start by exploring what makes your company stand out from the rest. What are your values, culture, ethos, work environment, or unique benefits that your company delivers? Conduct internal surveys, focus groups or one-on-one interviews to get the authentic employee perspective

Step 2: Develop a Consistent Brand Message

A consistent brand message might sound old-school, but it is crucial. It brings coherence to your employer branding strategy, boosting its credibility and memorability. Your brand message should authentically reflect your brand's identity, promise, and values.

Craft and Communicate Authenticity
Your brand message should authentically reflect your brand's identity, promise, and values. Clear, concise, and truthful messages capture the interest of your target audience and could convert them into potential candidates.

Step 3: Leverage Social Media

Social media is a very powerful branding tool. Leverage social media to display your company culture, engage your audience, and attract potential employees.

Build a social media strategy for your brand
It's not enough to just create a company profile. You need to be engaging with your audience.
Share stories of your team, organise virtual events or Q&A sessions. Remember, being yourself is the ultimate strategy.

Step 4: Encourage Employee Advocacy

Consider your employees your brand ambassadors. Their connections, content, and testimonials can significantly increase your brand visibility and trustworthiness.

Equipping employees to become advocates
Provide your employees with the necessary tools, training, and incentives to share their experiences and spread your brand message. Remember, happy employees make the most convincing brand ambassadors.


62% of business say their recruiting priority now is increasing quality of hire

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Employer Branding Demystified

Your company's employer brand is way beyond just what 'you think you are.' It's about how potential and current employees perceive you. It's about building transparency, nurturing employee engagement, and fostering a culture enticing to top talent.This nugget of knowledge is gold for those looking to boost recruitment and elevate brand image. Remember, your employer brand is as important to your business as your customer brand. It’s time to action these insights. Start honing your strategies, improve your communication, and align your actions with employee expectations. Find the common thread between your company's vision and employee's aspirations. Weave it into your employer brand subtly. Curious how your current strategies are working? Connect with your employees, ask them today: ‘How would you describe working here to your friends?’

And remember, the best employer brands are born from the heart of the company - its people.