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Recruitment and Headhunting
No more outsourcing to yet another video agency
Premium video production under the
same roof as premium recruitment.

Employer Branding holds some enormous benefits for your company's growth when it comes to attracting and retaining high-value talent. It’s arguably the most critical factor given that there are more brands on the planet today than ever before.

Recruitment and Headhunting

Standing out in a crowded room.

Standing out and attracting top talent becomes harder with more brands.

Despite the effectiveness of video content. Most video agencies lack understanding of the recruitment landscape.

DIY Video is an option but takes time and money to generate premium quality

Enter IE Video
Enter IE Video

Why we built a video agency into our recruitment company

The market demand for Employer Branding videos has been on the rise over the last two years. Initially, we collaborated with different video agencies, but we found discrepancies in time, quality, and processes. This echoed the experiences of our clients who had interacted with video agencies themselves. Hence, we made the choice to handle it internally.


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Single Video: Employer Branding,
On-site interviews(1-6 min)


Single Video: Employer Branding,
On-site interviews(1-6 min)

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The videos that companies purchase vary in range, budget, technology and a multitude of factors that bring with them a spectrum of price tags.

But we’ve opted to simplify the structure

Option #1

Single Video: Employer Branding, On-site interviews
(1-6 min)

€ 6000 one-time

Pre-production meeting to understand goals & objectives

We’ll come to your office/location and interview key stakeholders

We’ll shoot interviews and b-roll to give potential talent the feeling and a “look behind the curtain” of what it means to be working in your company

Edit includes intro, outro, licensed music, branding, titles, color grading & captions

All raw footage provided for your own purposes

Option #2

Multi-Pack Core Videos: Employer Branding
(1-6 min)

€ 4000 per video

All of the inclusions in Option #1

Minimum of 3 x videos

Ongoing content creation for a 12-month period

Additional Services:
  1. 4x Snippets for social media (30sec) from each complete, individual video
  2. With any of the above options you’re able to bolt on a snippet package
  3. Landscape and Square/Portrait Aspect Ratios
  4. Licensed music
  5. Each produced with intro/outro, titles & captions
€ 2500 EUR per video
Social Media Videos

Reach out and transform your recruitment strategy with stunning videos

Stand out in the competitive job market. Our team has the experience and creativity to produce high-quality employer branding videos that reflect your company’s values and culture. Let’s create something amazing together.

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