In-house Recruiting: How To Successfully Recruit In A Competitive & Uncertain Market

We live in a job market that’s more competitive than ever. As a recruitment agency focused within Renewable Energy, Cleantech & Climate Tech, we see it in our day to day interactions with both employers and candidates. Candidates find themselves juggling multiple job offers, while employers face the challenge of identifying the best talent for their specific needs. And let’s not forget the looming uncertainty related to the current cost of living crisis

In such times, it’s imperative for recruitment agencies and employers to be savvy in their approach. At Intelligent Employment, we’ve spent years fine-tuning our recruitment process. We know that the key to successfully placing candidates is not just about getting them through the door, but also ensuring they are the right fit for the job and the organization. 

Similar to what we shared in our previous blog, we emphasized the value of recruitment agencies in proactively identifying and targeting critical skills that employers need.

However, we fully acknowledge that not all companies are ready to partner with external recruiting agencies in the current climate. 

This piece is designed to provide guidance for those undergoing internal recruitment projects, which we believe starts with qualification.

The Importance of Qualifying Candidates

In an internal recruitment process, employers generally advertise, screen applications, and select the most relevant candidates. However, without the necessary expertise in qualifying candidates, the chances of successful long-term employment decline. Any company is aware that mistakes in hiring can cost the company in the long run, not just financially but also in terms of time, effort, and workplace harmony.

We believe there are two questions that companies need to ask themselves:

1. Do we have a process to handle a candidate qualification process?

2. Do we have enough time and resources to carry out the qualification process?

If the answer to the above is “no” then approaching an internal recruitment project needs to be taken with care, to avoid the risks mentioned above.

Identifying and Engaging Passive Talent

Not all potential candidates are actively looking for new roles. Passive candidates are often the ones who are content in their current positions but could be lured away for the right opportunity. Reaching out to this group requires an informed strategy, insightful market knowledge, and ultimately time. This process of searching your own network and an external network can be time-consuming. Something that should be factored into the overall budget of your recruitment project. This is why qualifying doesn’t just start with the CV; it begins with understanding where to look.

Data-Driven Decision Making 

Today, making data-driven decisions is not a luxury but a necessity. While you may not have an agency’s database, you can still gather crucial information to make more informed choices. For instance, use LinkedIn analytics to assess the background and skills of potential candidates in your sector. You can also conduct internal surveys or consult publicly available salary reports to understand current compensation trends. When interviewing, make it a point to ask questions aimed at revealing candidate motivations, long-term goals, and cultural fit. Compile this data to draw insights, ensuring you’re not just hiring a good-on-paper candidate, but someone who genuinely aligns with your company’s needs and culture.

Communication as a Pillar of Qualification

Open and transparent communication with candidates throughout the recruitment process cannot be emphasized enough. A seamless and enjoyable candidate journey is crucial for qualifying the right person for the job. Remember, it’s not just about whether the candidate is right for you; it’s also about whether you are the right fit for the candidate.

In summary, the process of qualifying candidates is multifaceted, involving various stakeholders and several layers of decision-making. It’s about far more than just ticking boxes; it’s about building lasting relationships between employers and employees. 

If you’re looking to improve your qualification process or are keen on discussing recruitment strategies for retaining staff, even if you’re on the in-house track, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re more than just recruiters; we’re partners in making informed, successful hiring decisions.

Would you like to dig a little further into maximizing your ROI through effective recruitment processes? Stay tuned for our upcoming content on post-hire strategies and onboarding essentials.