A Day of Community and Clean Beaches: Our Annual Suomenlinna Clean-Up Event in Finland

Last Friday, our team in Finland embarked on an inspiring journey to Suomenlinna for our annual beach clean event, organized in collaboration with Siisti Biisti. As always, this event was a fantastic opportunity for our team to come together and make a positive impact in our community. 🏖️🌊 

A Day of Dedication and Team Spirit

The Impact

This event was more than just a clean-up; it was a statement of our commitment to the environment. Every piece of trash collected is one less hazard to wildlife and one step closer to a pristine natural habitat. Our collective efforts are crucial in safeguarding our beaches and ensuring they remain a beautiful and enjoyable space for everyone.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We extend a huge thank you to everyone who joined and supported this initiative. Your hard work and dedication are vital in protecting our environment and ensuring a cleaner, healthier future for all. 💚

Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry – Keep the Archipelago Tidy – perfectly encapsulates our mission, and we are proud to support such a noble cause.

Together, we can make a difference, one piece of trash at a time. Let’s continue to champion sustainability and community spirit in all our endeavors.