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Why November and December is the right time to recruit

The chill of winter is setting in, pine trees are finding their way into living rooms, and the search for the perfect gift for your mother-in-law grows more pressing by the day. In this festive atmosphere, it might seem counterintuitive to focus on recruitment, but this is precisely why it’s a golden opportunity for your business.

Here’s why delaying your recruitment process until the new year can be a missed opportunity.

The Cost of Waiting: Missing Out on Top Talent

It might seem tempting to hold off your recruitment efforts until after the new year. But here’s an important thing to consider – you’ll be doing exactly what the competition is doing. This means, apart from the obvious risk of losing talent to your competitors, counteroffers and multiple hiring processes can significantly delay your recruitment efforts. 

By initiating the hiring process now, you position yourself ahead of the competition, engaging with candidates when they’re most available and receptive.

More attention & less competition in the lead up to the holidays.

We understand that it’s been a long year and the thought of starting a recruitment process right now is probably as appealing as climbing Mount Everest straight after running a Marathon. While others are dreaming of stockings and mulled wine, Intelligent Employment is ready to take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. This quieter period means less competition, providing a unique opportunity to engage with candidates who are often more available and open to new opportunities. 

This is typically because candidates are reflecting on the year that was and dreaming of what the new year will bring

Onboarding in the New Year and it’s impact on ROI

Starting the recruitment process now means your new hires can kick off at the turn of the year, fresh and ready to contribute. Delaying until January risks not fully utilizing their potential until later in the year. With budgets often strained by mid-year, early recruitment ensures that new hires contribute significantly in the crucial first half.

What can IE bring?

We’re an experienced recruitment specialist and we understand the nuances of this period. 

We offer:

Rapid Shortlisting: Our deep understanding of the renewable energy, cleantech, and climate tech sectors, allows us to produce candidate shortlists within weeks of project commencement.  This speed ensures you’re not left waiting when the new year begins.

We look for candidates who not only meet specifications but who are also an ideal cultural fit for your organization.

Passive Candidate Attraction: Our proven techniques are especially effective during this quieter period. We tap into a talent pool that’s in a reflective, year-end mindset, often more open to considering new opportunities. By reaching out to these passive candidates, we bring you talent that’s not just skilled, but also ready for a fresh challenge.

Employer Branding Expertise: Our in-house branding capabilities ensure to elevate your employer brand, making your company an attractive proposition for top talent. We craft compelling narratives that resonate with candidates’ aspirations and align with your company’s values and culture.

We’re about finding the perfect match for your company’s growth and culture. Our process includes milestone check-ins, allowing you to focus on your holiday season while we handle the intricacies of recruitment. By partnering with us you’re strategically positioning your company for success in the new year.

Let IE be your strategic growth partner to ensure that your new year starts with the right team in place once the champagne and fireworks are over!