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The Best Course Of Action For A Board Driven Recruitment Drive

As a recruitment agency, we are often contacted following a failed internal recruitment drive. It’s often the case that an organization has received a board-level initiative to boost head count in different business areas, and more often than not it poses a conundrum from the department heads: How do you find the time for this new, expansive recruitment drive without falling short on your department’s key performance indicators? Moreover, how do you juggle the mounting pressures of hiring at scale with your daily responsibilities?

Time Drain and Stress in Scaling Your Team

Time allocation becomes an invisible but worrying challenge when ramping up recruitment efforts. Every moment spent on CVs, interviews, or aligning job roles is time taken away from critical, revenue-generating activities. For department heads already grappling with performance metrics and deadlines, this becomes a tricky puzzle to solve.

Even if you manage to juggle both, the urgency to fill roles coupled with the need to sustain performance leads to another, often underestimated problem – stress. The pressure isn’t merely a mental burden. It poses a significant business risk. Stress can cloud your judgment, leading to poor hiring decisions that reverberate negatively through the team and impede growth.

Recruitment must-haves

There are methods for making the hiring process more efficient to ease stress and get in control of time allocation. So what are some of the “must-haves” for a successful recruitment drive that will also keep the board happy?

The Merits of Headhunting: The key to efficiency lies in precision. While it’s tempting to cast a wide net, a targeted headhunting approach can actually save time and lower stress. 

By narrowing down the pool to candidates specifically suited to your sector, you avoid the time-sink of sifting through irrelevant applications.

The importance of First Stage Interviews: A smart recruitment strategy goes beyond collecting resumes, it actively filters candidates from the get-go. The initial interview serves as a crucial qualifier, giving you valuable insights into the candidate’s potential fit within your team and the broader sector. This stage can be a litmus test, preventing downstream bottlenecks in the recruitment process.

Channeling the Right Audience: Targeting the right talent requires reaching them where they are. A well-orchestrated multichannel advertising strategy can raise your visibility among qualified candidates without spreading your efforts too thin. The idea is to be where your ideal candidates are, whether that’s LinkedIn, industry forums, or specialized job boards.

We’ve made a checklist to assist.

If you’re in need of a systematic approach, check out our Sustainable Recruitment Checklist. It covers everything from automating initial screenings to effectively delegating tasks, helping you maintain a seamless recruitment process without compromising other business priorities.

If the idea of juggling recruitment and performance metrics has you concerned, you’re not alone. 

Specialized agencies like Intelligent Employment can serve as valuable partners. With services ranging from headhunting to initial interviews and expansive shortlists, we help streamline your recruitment process without compromising your performance goals. In a sector as dynamic and crucial as this, making intelligent recruitment decisions is not just a growth strategy; it’s a business imperative. We’re here to exchange ideas and offer specialized insights into making recruitment work for you and your board.