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Talent Shortages in the Nordic Renewable Energy Sector: An Essential Guide for Expansion

Expanding your renewable energy business into new territories such as the Nordics? Congratulations! But as any country manager, department head, or hiring manager can attest, expansion isn’t without its challenges. 

A persistent issue faced by many is the limited supply of local talent, particularly in the renewable energy sector. For instance, in Sweden, there exists just a single tertiary institution that primarily focuses on wind energy. The immediate consequence?

Organizations often resort to recruiting outside the renewable energy domain, leading to employees with longer ramp-up periods. These longer integration times can stall projects, increase costs, and impact the efficiency of operations.

Let’s consider Finland, a country not widely recognized for its association with the solar power industry. The scarcity of local skilled workers in specific fields, such as solar energy, can lead to project delays, missed opportunities, and reliance on importing talent, further increasing operational costs.

These challenges, while significant, are not insurmountable. By adopting a few strategic solutions, you can ensure a seamless expansion and operations.

External Recruitment Providers:

Consider partnering with recruitment agencies that have both geographical and industry niche expertise. These agencies possess a deep understanding of the local talent landscape and the unique challenges of the renewable energy sector in the Nordics. They can assist in not only locating but also attracting the right talent, cutting down your recruitment cycle, and ensuring you get industry-ready professionals.

Emphasizing Cultural and Personality Fit:

Sometimes, the best candidate might not come with domain expertise. In such cases, it becomes paramount to ensure that the individual aligns well with the company’s culture and possesses the aptitude for quick learning. This is where psychometric assessments can be invaluable. They can provide insights into a candidate’s personality, behavior, and potential for success within your organization, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions.

Internal Training Programs:

While it’s ideal to have employees with domain expertise, there’s also value in developing in-house training programs. By doing so, you not only cater to the immediate needs but also ensure a consistent talent pipeline for future requirements.

While the talent landscape in the Nordic renewable energy sector presents its unique challenges, with the right strategy and partners, these can be overcome. As you embark on your expansion journey, remember that investing in the right talent is crucial for long-term success.

Need guidance on navigating the Nordic talent market? Reach out, and let’s ensure your expansion is both seamless and successful.