Candidate Agreement

I hereby consent to the information and personal data including, name, date of birth contact details including telephone number, email address and postal address, CV, details of qualifications and experience, or any other relevant sensitive data that I have provided to Intelligent Employment (“the Agency”) relating to me being processed and controlled by the Agency being transferred to clients of the Agency, the details of which will be revealed to me during the recruitment process, in order that it may properly seek to achieve its legitimate business interests (namely those of an employment agency and/or employment business) and carry out its duties, rights and obligations in relation to me as a candidate for direct employment or temporary work with third parties (clients and potential clients) of the Agency.


I understand that such processing will principally be for searching and selecting my profile against roles, jobs and vacancies with clients and potential clients of the Agency to provide me with work-finding services; to process with or transfer my personal data to their client/s in order to provide me with work-finding services; to process my data on a computerised database detail , Bullhorn, in order to provide me with work-finding services, or if applicable to process my data using automated decision making processes.

I also understand that the term ‘processing’ includes the obtaining, recording or holding of information or data or carrying out any operation or set of operations on the information or data, including organising, altering, retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing, combining, or destroying the information or data.


I am aware that, in accordance with my individual rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) I am entitled to require the Agency to delete/erase, amend/update or transfer to a third party any or all my data held or controlled by the Agency at my specific request. I also understand that my data will be held, processed or controlled by the Agency until I exercise my individual rights under the GDPR, or until the Agency no longer needs to hold, process or control my data, whereupon it will delete it and inform me of the same. I am aware that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time by notifying the Agency that I wish to do so.

I confirm by checking the box that I have read and understood this explanation of the processing of my data by the Agency and transferring of my data to clients of the Agency and that I hereby freely give my informed, specific and unambiguous consent to the processing of such data by the Agency. For more information please reach out to