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3 Quick Tips To Boost Your Employer Branding Game

You’re a department manager, keen on scaling your team to meet market demands. You have the budget and the job descriptions, but there’s a snag. Despite the urgency to fill roles and expand, you are not attracting the caliber of candidates needed to take your organization to the next level. The culprit? An overlooked aspect of the recruitment process: employer branding.

It’s not unusual to focus solely on the mechanics of recruitment – job postings, interviews, offers, etc.- and often neglect employer branding. Think about it: Why would top talent in renewable energy want to join your team? In an industry that is surging, but also highly competitive, your company needs to be a magnet for the best talent. Those incredible resumes won’t just land in your inbox. You have to give skilled professionals a compelling reason to seek you out. 

A strong employer brand not only attracts quality candidates but also reduces the time to hire and can even lower recruitment costs. It’s not merely about promoting the perks of a job. You must sell your company’s mission, values, and culture – something especially important in a field committed to sustainability and impact. And let’s face it, with the demand for talent far exceeding supply, not investing in employer branding could mean missed opportunities to increase your market share.

Elevate Your Employer Branding: 3 Quick Tips

Align with Industry Values: Ensure your employer branding reflects the core values of the sector you’re working in. At Intelligent Employment, we focus on customers in Renewable Energy, Cleantech and Climate Tech. So our advice is always to lean into your company’s contributions to sustainability, ethical practices, and technological innovation.

Leverage Employee Advocacy
Use testimonials, case studies, and stories from your current team members to offer an authentic view of your work culture. A happy team is your best brand ambassador, and these are fairly easy to attain and turn into content gold.

Data-Driven Strategy
Utilize analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your branding efforts. Knowing what works and what doesn’t will enable you to refine your approach continuously. Again, for the industries we serve, LinkedIn is a primary channel to use.
What you want to be measuring is the “engagement rate” of individual posts which can give you a fairly quick indicator on what’s resonating with your audience. 

These tips are straightforward and can significantly elevate your employer branding, turning your company into a sought-after place to work within the renewable energy sector.

Employer branding is a critical piece of the puzzle, especially in an industry as impactful as renewable energy. If you’re ready to dive deeper and are looking for a strategic partner to navigate this terrain, Intelligent Employment is here to assist.