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For Candidates

Take advantage of our industry knowledge and get some helpful tips on how to get ahead within the Wind Energy.

Finding Your Dream Job: Navigating Your Way
Make yourself visable

Update your Linkedin and highlight your skills and experience. If you lack physical wind experience, be sure to champion your transferable skills!

Create a motivation letter to support
your application

This should be personalised to the employer and not only highlight your skills, but your reasons for why you want to join them and the value you can deliver. What makes you unique?

Follow Up

Unfortunately employers aren't always ready to hire when we are looking to change jobs. But don't be put off. Ensure you check in regularly to cement your place in their plans!

Review your CV

Make sure all information is up to date and remove any information that may not be relevant.

Be Proactive

Contact employers and recruitment specialists and attend industry events to network.

Utilise Tech

Sign up for job notifications to ensure you are able to react fast when an opportunity arises