Intelligent Employment are recruiting for a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, to join a blue chip, multi-national organisation, specialising in Wind Energy.

Your role:

The Senior Mechanical Design Engineer is responsible for the concept design, layout design and optimization of wind turbines of 5MW or above, as well as the development of new turbine platform. He need to cooperate with designers for load calculation, stress calculation, control strategy design, generator design, electrical design, as well as the engineers for type certification, test, manufacture, operation and maintenance.


The Senior Mechanical Design Engineer need to research the state of the art for Multi-Megawatt wind turbine, in close collaboration with all functions involved in developing, designing, optimizing and upgrading of wind turbines. In this role, he will interact with the companies R&D centre, in order to develop advanced, competitive and profitable wind turbines.


  • Be responsible for the general design and concept design, main parameters definition, overall turbine layout design and assessment, general design report for the Multi-Megawatt wind turbine and the new platform development of the wind turbine.
  • Define and evaluate the sub-systems, to ensure the process of development is orderly, reliable and efficient, and the process of manufacture, assembly, operation and maintenance are smooth.
  • Be responsible for the system integration and optimization for the production design solutions, to make sure the total system is harmonization after integrating the sub-systems of mechanical, electrical and control.
  • Be responsible for the design of the turbine and sub-system, the turbine configuration, and BOM.
  • Create, review and release the technical specifications for the wind turbine platform.
  • Fix relevant design troubles, and solve the important technical difficulties for the continuous optimization and improvement.
  • Review the load calculation and simulation results, optimize the external controller, to reduce design and maintenance cost.
  • Work together with the certification team/agencies and product managers.  Make the short-term developing strategy for the company, as well as medium and long-term plans.
  • Be responsible for establishment of the technical performance system, technical design standards and specifications for the wind turbine.
  • Track and research the state of the art technology for wind turbine


We would like to hear from you if you have:

  • Bachelor’s or above degree in Mechanical, Material, Automatic, Electrical, Aerodynamic, Electrical control or relevant engineering forms an accredited college or university.
  • Minimum 8 years’ solid experience in: aerodynamic analysis and calculation, load calculation and assessment, control strategy design and evaluation, mechanical structure design, economic evaluation, reliability and stability evaluation.
  • Extremely familiar with the concept and detailed design method and design process of the wind turbine.
  • Familiar with the advanced control algorithm design and simulation, external controller compiling of the wind turbine.
  • Solid theoretical foundation, practical experience in the system design, reliability design for Multi-Megawatt wind turbine
  • Familiar with the design specifications and standards, certification and testing standards and their application in wind turbine development.
  • With DFSS (For Six Sigma Design) design practice for R&D
  • Willingness and ability to explore the state of the art technology for wind energy
  • Be able to work in a muti-cultural environment.
  • Fluency in English

Additional information

Work location is Aarhus, Denmark.

Company Profile:

Founded in the 1990’s, my client is one of the world’s leading Wind Power companies, with a presence in 6 continents. They are a fully integrated business that spans the whole product life cycle, including R&D and manufacturing, investment, sales, and service.

Please send your CV and a covering letter to simon@intelligentemployment.com