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Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, EV & EV Charging


A major player in the implementation and proper functioning of the systems of the new factory, you will be in charge of the deployment of the MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) within the company.


The following description of the work to be performed is not intended to be exhaustive. You will participate in the creation and development of our new generation factory!

In connection with the different departments present in different countries, your role will be:

  • Ensure the coordination of interfaces (hardware, software, communication protocols) between the developments done in Japan and China and the suppliers of production equipment
  • Monitoring and control of developments done by the local integrator
  • Monitoring and control of the deployment of the MES system, the deployment also being done by this integrator
  • Ensure that all interfaces connected to the MES have been taken into account, whether these are interfaces with all production equipment or interfaces with other systems deployed in the plant (SAP, PLM , maintenance in particular)
  • Ensure the proper coordination of the testing, integration and qualification phases
  • Ensure regular reporting of progress and critical points
  • Discuss with your English and American colleagues to take advantage of feedback from ongoing UK and US construction projects.
  • Share feedback with your Spanish colleague.
  • Ensure coordination with your IT colleagues, particularly those in charge of the network and datacenters
  • To proactively propose any action likely to avoid calendar drifts
  • To prepare the accompaniment / support after commissioning of the system
  • In general, to lead any steps necessary for the proper execution of the deployment of the MES in the new plant and to meet the challenges
  • Contribute to the development of the company and support changes as it develops


This MES must, in a non-exhaustive manner:

• be operate 24/7
• Ensure the traceability of production data
• Collect production information at each stage of the production process
• Manage scheduling and production monitoring


Skills Required:

  • English (French not mandatory)
  • Project management in an international environment
  • Experience leading deployment projects for MES systems (ideally APRISO) in an industrial environment
  • Extensive experience of control systems (implementing robot of different brands)
  • Extensive knowledge of communication protocols in industrial environment


Desirable Attributes

  • Have a global vision, such as analytical
  • Resilience to solve complex and diversified problems
  • Rigorous and reliable
  • Adaptation and flexibility
  • Sense of organization
  • Autonomous and curious
  • Ability to work in a team in a multicultural and multi-matrix organization
  • Sense of listening and ability to explain
  • Strength of proposal
  • Pedagogical ability, interpersonal skills

Education and Skills

  • Graduate of an engineering school in industrial automation or IT, with at least 10 years of experience in the deployment of large-scale MES industrial projects
  • Experience in an international industrial environment
  • Travel to the UK, Japan or China to discover what is being done in other countries
  • Working language: English

Envision AESC is an exciting, newly created global organization committed to solving the challenges of a sustainable future and becoming the leading supplier of full-value-chain battery solutions. Our lithium-ion batteries can be found in more than 700,000 electric vehicles worldwide. We are working hard towards unlocking the full potential of sustainable energy and climate change mitigation. We will continue to build upon our successes and expand into new markets and industries, producing innovative and competitive products and technologies that advance the goal of a zero-carbon emission future. Envision AESC is headquartered in China and Japan and has battery manufacturing locations in Japan, UK, China, US with several giga-projects ongoing in France, Spain, China, UK and Japan. Envision AESC France is building a new Gigafactory located in Lambres-lez-Douai to manufacture new generation of batteries for electric vehicles.

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