Intelligent Employment are seeking a Construction Manager for Wind Projects based in the UK & Ireland.

Ideal Experience

  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in civil works project management, ideally within wind industry

Minimum Qualification

  • HNC Civil Engineering or equivalent

Ideal Qualification

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BEng) or equivalent


The duties of the CM include the continuous supervision of the construction site from the start of constructing the access road and the crane platform, followed by cabling and foundation works, tower- and WEC-installation until the taking over by the customer

This candidate will have a positive, pro-active approach to working in a team environment along with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. A results-oriented approach, the ability to work effectively across different projects, and commitment to safety is also expected.

This candidate must have excellent decision making skills, along with the ability to be assertive and resilient in challenging situations in order to achieve organisational goals within required time frames. Proficiency in all MS Office packages required, and SAP knowledge would be highly regarded. The willingness to travel is essential.

Main Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Ensure that all HSE-requirements are adhered to at the construction site.
  • Instruct and coordinate all persons involved at the construction site, internal as well as external.
  • Conduct construction site meetings, particularly daily construction meetings, in alignment with the GPM and the HSO according to the work instruction for construction site meetings.
  • Ensure the construction site reporting towards the GPM.
  • Implement and adhere to the project time schedule.
  • Support the SM IW in coordinating material flows, transports and crane works during the daily business on the construction site.
  • Approve construction site requirements exceeding the agreed scope of supply (e.g. small cranes) towards internal and external sub-contractors and service providers in alignment with the SM IW, EWM and the GPM.
  • Check and technically approve all construction site works including allowance control, check additional works and technically check invoices following the four-eyes-principle with the PMC (commercial processing).
  • Attend to the resolution of technical defects jointly with sub-contractors and the SM IW in coordination with the GPM.
  • Quality assurance for all crafts in supply
  • Point of contact for SM IW, PMC, EWM and LoCo.
  • Point of contact for sub-contractors and customer regarding construction site matters.
  • Implementation and follow-up of HSE-matters as well responsibility for HSE on the construction site.
  • Conduct daily safety inspections jointly with the HSO (delegation to the SM IW possible to avoid redundant work).
  • Ensure inspections of accidents and report them jointly with the HSO and the GPM.
  • Check and compile documentation.
  • Conduct acceptances/takeovers of WEC and documentation from ESC/Installation and further sub-contractors (in alignment with GPM and EWM).




If you are interested in this position, please forward your CV and covering letter to jay@intelligentemployment.com