Staying ahead of the competition, dealing with environmental concerns, handling global financial challenges as well as the demand from emerging economies, it is essential for energy companies to recruit and retain the best talent the sector has to offer. That’s true whether your organisation is in the traditional field of oil and gas, or in the rapidly growing area of renewable energy.

With years of experience, all our consultants understand current developments in every industry and the skills needed to be successful. We know your customers, how your facilities operate and the entire production process, enabling us to provide the best service to both client and candidate. 

Many recruitment agencies work across a broad spectrum of sectors. We feel we deliver a more efficient and cost-effective service as niche recruitment consultants, specialising in a few core markets.


With years of experience working in your sector, all our consultants understand current developments in the chemical industry and the skills needed to be successful. We know your customers, how your facilities operate and the entire production process.

This in-depth knowledge is why our clients trust us to source and secure talented professionals quickly and efficiently for various roles


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Clean Technology

The way that we generate energy is changing and we are entering the age of the Renewable Revolution! And it isn’t just Energy providers that are striving to offer a more sustainable product. Within increasing evidence of Global Warming as a result of climate change, huge multinationals such as Google, Apple and Facebook are all jockeying to be the first to become 100% renewable.

Intelligent Employment are at the forefront of this movement, supporting business globally by supplying top talent into the Renewable and Clean Tech industries.








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“I have dealt with Intelligent Employment as part of the recruitment team based in Germany with them supporting us when it comes down to recruitment, especially in Asia. I find them to be likeable, professional and conscientious lad always striving to come up with the best candidates for our vacancies. They have a good understanding of the business and knows what we are looking for. Besides that they are very trustable, giving swift feedback. I am happy to work with Intelligent Employment any time.”

Recruitment Specialist from a multi-national blue-chip organization with over 30 years experience in Wind Power Generation