Finding and recruiting outstanding individuals to join your organisation for a long-term career needs specialist skills, and a deep understanding of your business, your sector, and your company’s ethos..

Exceptional candidates

At Intelligent Employment, we use all our technical expertise and proactive recruitment techniques to find exceptional candidates for your permanent positions. We verify all qualifications, check compliance to industry standards and seek references through our industry contacts.

Necessary skillset

It means we present potential candidates who not only meet the requirements of the role and have the necessary skillset, but also fit the culture of your organisation too. And that means they will help shape your organisation for years to come.

Highly skilled

Without doubt, we work in a fast moving sector. Which means the requirements for contract work is very often time sensitive. Organisations like yours need flexible, highly skilled teams or individuals who can be found quickly, and can rapidly assimilate themselves with your project and way of working.

Worldwide Network

At Intelligent Employment, we use our worldwide network and innovative recruitment tools to speedily source talented contractors with the right skillset and credentials. It means we can offer you a number of contract solutions, and you have people and teams available, as and when you need them.

International Clients

Very often, we work with international clients and that means sourcing talent from a local or international pool of contractors. Or we find UK specialists who can join an overseas team. Either way, we can rapidly onboard candidates, reducing the time it takes to hire, and ensuring new employees are adding value to the organisation and the project from day one.

Executive Search

Finding a talented and experienced executive can be a time consuming and costly process if you don't know where to look. Which is why many use of our clients use our executive search service where we proactively target and recruit high calibre individuals.

Sector Exerience

As part of the process we invest time with you to fully understand the job role, your business objectives and the company culture. Then with our in-depth sector experience and worldwide network of talent we source people who add real value to your business.

New Technologies

How do we find them? We go beyond the usual recruitment process and attend industry conferences and events or use new technologies to connect online. We build close relationships with potential candidates to understand their motivations, ambitions and abilities. Then, when the time comes, we act as business ambassadors, ‘selling’ your organisation to the candidate and highlighting the opportunities the role and your business has to offer.

Working with worldwide clients

It’s this highly personal approach. Along with our extensive sector knowledge plus our speedy and efficient delivery that has enabled us to successfully identify and recruit so many people into long-term positions.

Based on trust, integrity and long- term partnerships. Which is why we tailor our recruitment process to suit your business, your sector, your objectives and your timeframes. We offer you a personal and flexible service.